It’s always nice to read testimonials of existing customers. In this case we decided to group them at one page as many of them have to do with online casinos. As they are operating in an extremely competitive environment, monitoring website results is one of the most important things. After all, they all want to be on top of the list of casinos met no deposit bonussen and that’s not easy to accomplish. The same goes for online casino affiliates. These are casino companies that operate casino portals with all kinds of information on casino games, reliability and the best bonuses. They get a commission for every player that they send to a casino that actually deposits real money. It might not come as a surprise that there is also a lot of heavy competition between these casino affiliates. Let’s hear from them.

Razor Casino

When we launched our casino, we actually aimed for a younger target audience. We figured that is we could reel in the casino players of age 20 to 30, we would be able to retain them for many years to come. However, with our casino games we took a different approach. As our budget was on the low side, we couldn’t afford NetEnt games and just offered fruit machines. After a while of using AsentioStats, it showed us that we had been targeting the wrong casino players. The target group of casino players aged 50 to 65 were much more interested in our casino. We quickly adapted our strategy and became much more successful in our new casino niche. We are now on top of the list of casinos met no deposit bonussen.

All Casino Media

As a small casino affiliate, we wanted to branch out into sports betting. But before that, we decided to use AsentioStats for a while to see whether or not we were headed into the right direction. We were very surprised to see that after three months of monitoring our page of casinos met no deposit bonussen was the most popular of all our casino pages. This led to us creating a no deposit bonus website instead of a sports betting website. The new website generated a lot of success with our casino partners and we would not have been able to make this decision without a little help. Right now we are sticking to being a real casino affiliate.

Reel In Players Media

When it comes to casino affiliates, we are one of the biggest in the market. At least when it comes to Europe. Right now we are trying to expand to the Americas and Asia, but with one step at a time. We already have an international website called allcasinosallthetime.com, that we monitor with AsentioStats to see which markets we have the biggest share in. It was a surprise to see that we appealed most to Indian casino players, as it was a casino market we had not even considered yet. Thanks to these results, we are launching indiacasinosallthetime.com with great expectations.

BetOnIt Casino

Our casino is doing pretty well, but we were worried that our casino game offer was a little too big. The bigger the amount of options, the harder the choice. This also goes for casino games. So when we stumbled upon AsentioStats we decided to try it out to figure out which casino games were most popular. After a few months we were convinced that we could remove the casino games from at least 5 providers. This has freed up a lot of budget for other things like casino bonuses and our players love it.