1. The conclusion of the service provided at the time of registration procedures.
  2. Each party has the right to terminate the agreement without cause by giving 14 days’ notice
  3. The person registering in the system declares that it read the rules.
  4. Using the system is completely anonymous.
  5. The system does not record visits to people who have JavaScript disabled.
  6. AsentioStats not broadcast advertisements on the sides of the users, with the exception of the free version, on which the logo is displayed AsentioStats.
  7. AsentioStats reserves the right to block selected pages or entire account, users who:
    – put the code of statistics on pages inconsistent with Polish law
    – remove the logo AsentioStats in the free version,
    – modify the code of statistics, which are pasted on the website, interfere with the operation of the program, or in any way they work against AsentioStats.
  8. AsentioStats is not responsible for the incorrect positioning of the counting code, in the case of placing code in accordance with its intended purpose, is entitled to block a page or account.
  9. AsentioStats not liable for damages resulting from the provision of access password to third parties.
  10. The user agrees to receive information and publicity material relating to the new software at the email address provided during registration.
  11. AsentioStats reserves the right to change the rules. The amendments are effective after seven days from the date of publication.