Monitoring Oh Craps launch campaign

It might not seem like a typical company name, but Oh Craps is a legitimate online casino. However, it just launched, so it cannot be said whether or not it’ll be successful. What we can do, is measure the success of the launch campaign for this new online casino. Which is what we do with our system. First we had to install it, then the casino launched the campaign and finally, we set the test period for three months. Usually that is enough time to gather enough data to see whether or not any changes need to be made.

The Craps casino game

This is probably not a surprise, but the Oh Craps online casino offers craps as a casino game. It’s obviously not all, but it’s what the launch campaign focuses on. As you can imagine, there are a lot of funny wordplays to be created with a mix of the online casino’s name and Craps. Something else that’s special about this casino, is that it focuses on the US market mainly. European and Asian markets are not as much into craps, the game, so it wouldn’t make sense to launch a campaign around this game in those territories.

The keywords that matter

One aspect of our system is the keyword finder. It can tell you, and in this case Oh Craps online casino, exactly which keywords you rank for. For this campaign, we inserted the desired keywords beforehand, to see whether or not the casino succeeded. Some areas that this casino scored well in with its launch campaign were keywords that revolved around craps, casino bonuses, casino games, casino terms and conditions and some competitor names, that were not supposed to be targeted. All in all, the casino did pretty well in this area.

Most viewed casino pages

This is actually a very important part of our system and many customers are anxious to see these results. Funny in this casino launch is that the craps game page is not the most viewed page. Even though everyone in the online casino expected it to be, given the emphasis that has been put on it. Instead, the casino bonus page was much more popular, as well as the signup page. This last one is always a good sign of course. In the casino games area, the NetEnt and ELK Studios casino game pages were most popular.

Time on the page

It’s nice to know which pages are popular with your visitors, but it’s also important to know the time on page. If the bounce rate is high, meaning the visitors leave as soon as they arrive, that means that you are not offering the visitor what he wants. With this casino there was not much to worry about. The page with the highest bounce rate was the page with casino bonuses. On the actual sign up page, the rate was pretty low, which could be an indication that a lot of visitors stayed to sign up.

What is the click-through rate?

Of course there was a special lp created for this launch. So it was important to know whether or not visitors would click though to the casino. And if they got there, if they would sign up immediately or browse through some pages first. It may be no surprise that most visitors navigated straight to the casino games page or the casino bonuses page. Not only is it not a surprise, it’s also a good sign as it shows a willingness to investigate and sign up to a new casino. So this online casino’s campaign has been successful overall.