• Why does not count statistics go?
    Check to make sure you paste code that was generated when you add a page to the system. It should appear in the footer of this page.


  • Can I install the free version of statistics on the commercial side?
    The free version statistics can be installed on any page, provided that it complies with the law, and displays the logo AsentioStats.


  • How can I stop counting my entry¬†and how I block counting my input. Configuration tab -> Edit the selected page.
    Type the Exclude IP, IP addresses to be ignored by the program.Periodically, statistics updated? The program works in real time, it means that the data are available immediately.


  • What does the Goals?
    It is a special feature of the system which allows you to track defined conversions, or some actions that are desired page (eg payment, download the file, click on the external link, go to the registration form, etc).


  • How can I add a party?
    to the system, you can add any number of web sites.


  • How often updated domain data?
    update is automatic when the transition to the details page in the “Configuration”, but not more frequently than every 7 days.